Since its introduction to the market, Southern Wire FarmFence™ has become the wire fencing of choice for farmers, station owners and fencing contractors, due to its exceptional value and performance.

Made from high quality, heavy galvanised fencing wire, FarmFence™ uses the improved version of the old ring joint knot which prevents the vertical wire from slipping along the horizontal wire. The FarmFence™ also has a one piece vertical wire, giving the fence greater vertical stability. These two factors ensures FarmFence™ is both easy to strain and low maintenance, saving time and money. Brilliant for rural fencing.

Southern Wire FarmFence™ provides:

    • Longevity - Manufactured in Australia using high quality, heavy galvanised fencing wire.

    • Strength - FarmFence knot to minimise the risk of the vertical wire slipping.

    • Stability - Single picket wire to provide long-lasting vertical integrity