Southern Wire Fencing

Southern Wire was established in 1994 and is a leading Australian manufacturer of farm fencing. Our focus on quality and innovation from the beginning has ensured that Southern Wire now offers a range of superior farm fencing products and solutions that are unrivalled in the market. 

From the outset, Southern Wire successfully introduced a stronger hinged joint fencing, fabricated totally from high tensile wire. This was followed by Griplock, the ‘fixed knot’ fence renowned worldwide for being the strongest prefabricated farm fence available on the market. Griplock continues to replace the older ‘ring joint’ fences, capturing a steadily increasing market share. More recently there’s Fastlock, the new high performance fencing, featuring a new generation ‘square knot’ design for increased strength and safety. Now there’s FarmFence which supersedes the old ‘ring joint’ and ‘hinged joint’ type fences by offering outstanding economy combined with high tensile, heavy galvanised construction, one-piece vertical wires and stronger, easier to handle joints.


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